About us

This is Jgin’s story about old still, fragrances, traditions and colors of our territory, the Vallesina, in Marche (Italy).
I am born ad grown with the fragrances and the colors
of my country, thanks to strong traditions turned from grandparents
to parents, to memories and enjoyment when we organized grain harvesting or when we picked up tomatoes to
prepare tomatoes conserve, until we got to the most exciting moment: grape harvesting.
The school had started, the summer was finished, but this nostalgic note was sweetened by flavors
and fragrances of grapes and leaves in the vineyard, that they were spreading in the air.
The strong connection with my country gave me
the courage to leave habitual patters, that include numbers, cash flow,
financial statements and accounting, I needed to something creative and satisfactory.
The pandemic period arrived: this is the best moment to create .
I started study about spontaneous herbs, officinal plants and extracting techniques and mainly thanks to the skills, abilities,
creativities and food-wine knowledge of my husband Michele, we have dusted off old still left by his grandfather.
We started the first trials, sleepless nights, and the desire to create something
that would join our dreams, our traditions, something to pass on to our children, something that would celebrate our territory.
We have studied, we have tried, we have worked hard, until we finally arrive at creating JGIN,
the first London dry gin from Vallesina, that celebrates the territory ,
the first London dry distilled with Verdicchio leaf. JGIN is kind of our third child, because in it
you can find again emotional ties, flavors and fragrances of our land, it is summary of our passions.